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The managerial and administrative support provided by these companies ensures that each of our trading subsidiaries have all the backing they require to compete effectively and efficiently in their chosen markets.



Egyptian Chinese Chamber of Commerce Association (CHINA CHAM)

The Egyptian Chinese Chamber of Commerce Association (CHINA CHAM) was established in Egypt in 2012. CHINA CHAM is the largest organization in the framework of business cooperation between China, Egypt and the Arab world. CHINA CHAM plays a pivotal role in Egyptian, Chinese and Arab business cooperation.

The Egyptian Chinese Chamber of Commerce Association (CHINA CHAM) is working in collaboration with businesse and governmental partners to provide a positive business environment and improve the level of bilateral cooperation.

The many initiatives of the CHINA CHAM include economic development, promotion of trade and investment, trade fair services, event management and education improvement.

Our Vision

  • Seeking for being well-known NGO in Egypt in the coming 2 years.
  • Getting 150 well chosen businessmen from different business sectors to being members for the next year.
  • Start procedures for operating and developing businesses that could help both Chinese and Egyptians to work by making more than 20 different fields of businesses.
  • Achieving and implementing the relations between China and Egypt into Real up growing work on land.

Our Mission

Build up and develop the Chinese and Egyptians relations whether its industrial, tourism, education, or technology in a way that both Chinese and Egyptians’ employees in Egypt that are seeking for jobs are satisfied.


Section Trading

SECTION TRADING established in 1982 by launching its first branch in Cairo focusing mainly on enhancing and developing the quality and services of building, decorating, and furnishing materials with huge product range for all building categories. As a result of a remarkable performance and in tune of our expansion strategy, SECTION started to seize opportunities and to be the One Stop Project Solution for our clients in different countries with a focus on the Far East and MENA Region where our branches located at Doha, Cairo, Guangzhou, Dubai, and Jeddah.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction

We are a Customer-Oriented Company and believe in developing strong, Positive and long lasting relationships with our clients through respect, trust and Commitment.

  • Integrity

We will always conduct business in a Highly Ethical manner, Committed to Honesty and Professionalism.

  • Innovation

We are dedicated to deliver New Ideas, Products and Services.

  • Creating Value

In Today’s competitive world market place, we are striving to create value to our clients through providing Excellent Quality Products with competitive price.


Egy Thai Group

SYRON − The name, which was created in 2004, grew to an unprecedented development, becoming one of the leading brands with an extensive experience in the field of Ultra-High performance. We have and we will get through this long and stony path with the Ultra-high performance Syron tires and the enthusiasm of our customers.

We have managed to transfer the racing technology to an everyday sports-oriented high-performance tire. This approach is an excellent starting point for the development of superior High-performance tires for the road.

Through a combination of dry and wet technologies Syron tires gets together the best of both worlds: incredible grip on dry streets and excellent characteristics on wet streets. This is possible by a unique silica rubber compound that provides excellent grip and an extremely low rolling resistance. It also ensures that the tires are literally clinging to the asphalt, in both dry and wet conditions. The SYRON tires have shoulders with large tread blocks which, combined with the extra-reinforced sidewall edges, provides a high stiffness. The result is an accomplished handling and directional stability and a larger contact area with the road in the curves.

The strengths of the asymmetric high-performance tire are the following characteristics like balance, comfort and running smoothness with sportiveness, high performance and speed. Therefore the Syron tires cover the needs of a wide range of small and medium cars from the upper class to the Supersport class.

We, as the Syron team, put a great deal of emphasis on your interests and a in a very efficient service. The competitions in Motorsports belong to the DNA of SYRON since its establishment. Whenever the company with the SYRON Tires logo took part in such competitions, its partners had success.

Motorsports are an important part of the slogan “pure Adrenaline”. In 2011 we could make the first step into the motorsports field: The drift league Gymkhana Germany, known because of Ken Block (USA). SYRON Tires has provided about 1,800 tires for the construction of cushions especially for this event. As the first professional Drifter, Dominik La Roche, driver of the “Drift Team Charged Import-Racing”, used SYRON tires for his Nissan Skyline R32, he made it to the 2nd place equipped with SYRON RACE 1 Plus. This was our incentive to expand our activities in motorsport. 2012 shall be a special year for the SYRON TIRE Motorsports Team. The racing team of Gräff Motorsport signed then a contract. Alexander Gräff and Corinna Gräff represent now the SYRON TIRE Motorsport Team in 2012 with their BMW E92 GT2 and the BMW E36 V8 Widebody.

The driving knowledge and the excellent quality of the SYRON RACE 1 Plus have been approved by our team in the Tuner GP Drift-Challenge: 2nd place against the best Elite-Drifters in Europe.


Osako Auto Car Spare Parts


Osako Auto Car Spare Parts selects products for durability and quality. Products are guaranteed against defects in material, workmanship and quality.


Osako Auto Car Spare Parts Stocks a large variety of Auto Spare parts. We keep our stock on hand, allowing you to make those last minute purchases.


Osako Auto Car Spare Parts staff will complete all the paperwork for departmental charges, all you need to provide is your account code and authorized signature. We even deliver special and large orders to your department. Osako Auto Car Spare Parts staff will ensure that all products are purchased from vendors that have paid the appropriate trademarks and licensing.


We have some of the most experienced staff members and you could even for our advice and we conduct presentations at industry seminars. Our extensive experience will ensure the fast and safe delivery of your order. Privacy policy We maintain a strict.


We do not share our customer’s email addresses, physical addresses or phone numbers with any other party.


We strive to provide the most efficient customer service possible by hiring representatives that have extensive experience and possess specific knowledge about each and every product sold.


Rowad Import & Export Company