Union Group Holding Corporation

The managerial and administrative support provided by these companies ensures that each of our trading subsidiaries have all the backing they require to compete effectively and efficiently in their chosen markets.


Established in 1982, UNION GROUP is one the leading international freight forwarding and project logistics management companies delivering cost-effective solutions throughout the five continents. UNION GROUP develops comprehensive freight forwarding plans tailored to meet specific requirements of customers. This is accomplished by learning customers’ exact objectives with regards to their internal and external requirements, thus ensuring that UNION GROUP will provide quality services more consistently than any other service provider in the market. Our tried and proven multimodal transportation routes whether to Africa, Europe, etc. ensures international reach whatever your cargo and time frame is. As the preferred supplier for more than 3000 companies/customers, we are very proud of our reputation and always strive to maintain it.


  • Issuance of visas for our clients
  • Reservation of airline tickets
  • Booking of hotels
  • Staff awaiting customers at the airport
  • Providing transportation for clients to/from the airport and hotels
  • Our staff to accompany clients for making orders till receiving order and then shipping
  • Ensuring the quality of receipt of the goods with our professional staff by sending samples to the customers and imaging the received the goods
  • Check all the paperwork required to ship the goods and send them through our branches or agents.
  • Provide better prices for the shipping and choose the fastest shipping lines to ensure the arrival of the goods as soon as possible.


  • Freight Forwarding:
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Rail Transport
  • Road Transport
  • Air/Sea Charters
  • LCL/LTL Services
  • Customs Brokerage Services
  • Warehousing

SECTION TRADING established in 1982 by launching its first branch in Cairo focusing mainly on enhancing and developing the quality and services of building, decorating, and furnishing materials with huge product range for all building categories. As a result of a remarkable performance and in tune of our expansion strategy, SECTION started to seize opportunities and to be the One Stop Project Solution for our clients in different countries with a focus on the Far East and MENA Region where our branches located at Doha, Cairo, Guangzhou, Dubai, and Jeddah.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction

We are a Customer-Oriented Company and believe in developing strong, Positive and long lasting relationships with our clients through respect, trust and Commitment.

  • Integrity

We will always conduct business in a Highly Ethical manner, Committed to Honesty and Professionalism.

  • Innovation

We are dedicated to deliver New Ideas, Products and Services.

  • Creating Value

In Today’s competitive world market place, we are striving to create value to our clients through providing Excellent Quality Products with competitive price.


“Market Leader no matter where we are”
EPC SOLUTIONS is seeking to be recognized as the first and the best choice for the world customers in the field of Engineering, Procurement, and Contracting.



Empowered by more than 30 Years of Experience & over than 300 skilled Employees all over the world guided by:
• Our Parent Company “Union Group Holding Co” successful business principles.
• Our Commitment to provide Quality Cost Effective Products.
• Our Determination to Deliver Consistently.
• Our Dedication to Development and Diversity.


EPC SOLUTIONS is a provider of leading-edge for EPC Projects.
Whether they are product applications for individual systems or solutions for complete projects, EPC SOLUTIONS has the expertise and the experience to meet the most stringent requirements from the clients.


• Fire Fighting Systems
• Pipes & Drainage Systems
• Low Current Integrated Systems
• New & Renewable LED Lighting



EPC SOLUTIONS was found in 2017 by its Parent Company ”Union Group Holding Corporation” that has been in the contracting field since 1982 and over the years Union Group broadened its scope to include emerging fields of Electromechanical and Low Currents Solutions and transformed into a One Stop Project Solutions.

Hence; EPC Solutions was established to be more focused and specialized in Electromechanical and Low Currents fields by launching its first branch in Cairo focusing mainly on enhancing and developing huge product range.

The Egyptian Chinese Chamber of Commerce Association (CHINA CHAM) was established in Egypt in 2012. CHINA CHAM is the largest organization in the framework of business cooperation between China, Egypt and the Arab world. CHINA CHAM plays a pivotal role in Egyptian, Chinese and Arab business cooperation.

The Egyptian Chinese Chamber of Commerce Association (CHINA CHAM) is working in collaboration with businesse and governmental partners to provide a positive business environment and improve the level of bilateral cooperation.

The many initiatives of the CHINA CHAM include economic development, promotion of trade and investment, trade fair services, event management and education improvement.

Our Vision

  • Seeking for being well-known NGO in Egypt in the coming 2 years.
  • Getting 150 well chosen businessmen from different business sectors to being members for the next year.
  • Start procedures for operating and developing businesses that could help both Chinese and Egyptians to work by making more than 20 different fields of businesses.
  • Achieving and implementing the relations between China and Egypt into Real up growing work on land.

Our Mission

Build up and develop the Chinese and Egyptians relations whether its industrial, tourism, education, or technology in a way that both Chinese and Egyptians’ employees in Egypt that are seeking for jobs are satisfied.

SWISS GOLD opens its factory located in Cairo, Egypt serving the Middle East and Africa

Our gold refining service adhere to the best of international standards. We use the best available technology in assaying & refining and offer a workmanship you can expect.

SWISS GOLD conducts a complete transparent smelting and refining process complying with the principles of international and local health, safety and environmental policies.

We offer the highest quality and the finest capacity of chemical refining currently available in the world and exclusively developed our chemical process of gold and silver refining, in which we use advanced systems to purify scrap gold and silver as well as high-grade doré. Our knowledge and technical expertise ensure the best process for all gold and silver metal.

Incorporated under the Commercial Law of the Government Kenya, African Business Enterprise “ ABE “  General Trading Company is a multi-faceted company with diverse business interests. The Company was established in 2017 in Nairobi – Kenya , and has achieved great heights in success due to the dedicated efforts of the Four dynamic entrepreneurs Mr. Reda Mostafa,  and Mr. Yasser Soror ,  and Mr. Shady Elzeky and mr. Ahmed Moataz.  the board of directors.

ABE has become a name of repute in the industries like building materials, home textiles , ready made garments & food stuff etc which has resulted in innovative products, collaborative partnerships and perseverance to providing solutions that matter. ABE General Trading Co has a team of well qualified Professionals each with specialized back ground and deep rooted trade experience which gives us the ability to work closely with our clients, providing a quicker time-to-market response. Our team works in unison to provide Personalized, Professional and dedicated service to our esteemed Clients.

Increase your profitability, expand your international sales reach in to new markets and improve your operational efficiency. ABE is helping companies achieve sustainable profitable growth, Responding to your individual business needs, our team works with you to create added value for your company and a better experience for your customers, innovative approaches developed and tested across various industries and multiple markets form the core of a practical action plan that takes your business to the next level. Focusing on strategy, finance, operations, cutting edge marketing technology and export development, grow without compromising cash flow and reduce costs.

The unique structure of ABE enables us to promote our client’s engagement with a specific market sector at a time when business owners and leaders are reluctant to allocate space in busy schedules to such events, and in a manner appropriate to match the goals of each individual mission.

The pre-agreed objectives range from value of quotations, actual sales, partnership agreements, joint ventures or even acquisitions.

Every delegate is offered the opportunity to utilise the Copernicus consultant network to assist them to follow up and close deals after returning to their country of origin.

The ABE team are dedicated to providing our Clients with business enhancement methodologies that guide them to outstanding success. Adding the skill sets and knowledge required that facilitates international business development. Commissioning bodies and delegates will not only be able calculate the return on investment with ABE, but will also gain from the added value and insights that working with a highly focused commercial team will have brought to their business.

The ABE trade matchmaking services have been designed to address the specific challenges facing business owners wherever they are based in the world when they are looking to expand in to new markets.


Osako Auto Car Spare Parts selects products for durability and quality. Products are guaranteed against defects in material, workmanship and quality.


Osako Auto Car Spare Parts Stocks a large variety of Auto Spare parts. We keep our stock on hand, allowing you to make those last minute purchases.


Osako Auto Car Spare Parts staff will complete all the paperwork for departmental charges, all you need to provide is your account code and authorized signature. We even deliver special and large orders to your department. Osako Auto Car Spare Parts staff will ensure that all products are purchased from vendors that have paid the appropriate trademarks and licensing.


We have some of the most experienced staff members and you could even for our advice and we conduct presentations at industry seminars. Our extensive experience will ensure the fast and safe delivery of your order. Privacy policy We maintain a strict.


We do not share our customer’s email addresses, physical addresses or phone numbers with any other party.


We strive to provide the most efficient customer service possible by hiring representatives that have extensive experience and possess specific knowledge about each and every product sold.

The importing and exporting process can be a maze to those unfamiliar with the documentation, shipping procedures and various roles involved in the movement of goods from one country to another. Even for the seasoned importer/exporter, doing it all alone can be a hassle. That’s why Roward Import and Export provides consulting services for our clients. Our import/export consultants have worked in every aspect of the business, and not only can we help advise importers and exporters, but we also provide customs brokerage and documentation services. A little advice can go a long way to help you get your international business up and running with fewer bumps in the road.

MZ Expo, we are experts in our field of delivering events of the highest quality that constantly deliver successful results for our clients. We have developed a set of core values that all our team has committed to and it is these core values that unite us to have the enthusiasm, energy, motivation and drive for innovation and success in everything we do; this really makes the difference for you, the client; the workforce at MZ Expo is second to none.


We appreciate that clients entrust us with their critical resources; time and investment – we will always do everything in our power to ensure that this trust is duly rewarded through the excellence of our delivery. MZ Expo Company is committed to doing what is right for our customers.
Promoting Knowledge – through vision, expertise and strategy, thought leadership is vital in keeping new content and ideas alive for growth, development and sustainability.


The reason for participation in any event primarily is to further business either through increased knowledge or through increased commercial activity. MZ Expo Company strives to deliver real value to ensure that our clients’ return on investment is maximized


With years of experience in the exhibition industry, having worked successfully with a range of groups and publications to produce events and conferences, we understand what is required to make an event successful. We understand that planning any event can be stressful. Let our event organisers take care of all the hard work for you. From the planning, sourcing of venues and contractors, to liasing and being on site to make sure the event happens smoothly. From national exhibitions and conferences to regional shows, all events need the same attention to detail and meticulous planning.